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What's a nice wine like you doing in a bar like this?

When I was a boy, we had to walk a mile through the snow, with no shoes, to get to our wine bar. Or something like that. So, you ask, what is a wine bar, and why the Iron Bridge Wine Company?

Traditional bars offer a full complement of drink selections, but seldom offer good wines. Additionally, if they have good wines, there are only one or two, and they are expensive at best. Likewise, bar food is... well, bar food, and no matter how they cook your burger, it seldom complements an '82 Latour.

Many restaurants offer great food. Well, some do, but even if they carry great wines, they charge outrageous prices for them, and to get a good glass of wine to enjoy with your meal, you have to buy the entire bottle. A group of four friends, with four different tastes, will pay for four bottles of wine, when what they would really like is four glasses of premium wines at a reasonable price. And, after enjoying a bottle of wine at a restaurant, you can't get a bottle or two to take home to enjoy at a later date.

Did somebody say, "wine bar"? At the Iron Bridge Wine Company we carry over 300 different great bottles of wine and annually we received the "Wine Spectator Award of Excellence" for our selections—small vineyard, small production wines that are hard to find but represent great values to our guests. Every day we feature more than 30 different premium wines by the glass. Is a glass or two not enough? That's OK, guests can buy a bottle of wine, pay a small corkage fee, and enjoy fruits of the vine at a third of the price of a restaurant. We have fabulous, funky small plate dishes that are designed to complement the wines, with enough of a selection to fill you up or just satiate your appetite. We have a full bar for non-wine drinkers, (perish the thought!), gourmet coffees and lattés, and we promote the fine art of conversation. We are knowledgeable about our wines, but never snooty, and will take the time to learn about your likes and dislikes, and we will keep you informed of new wines we receive that match your tastes. Our monthly featured wines offer exceptional values by the bottle or by the case. Looking for a special wine? We'll get it for you. Looking for a particular varietal? We'll make suggestions. Just want to impress your mother-in-law? We can help with that too.

Our wine guy is always looking for exciting new small vintage/small production wines that will knock your socks off. Be sure to visit us as often as you can.

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